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Arie Perry
Arie Perry - University of California. San Francisco

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Dr Perry, expone su conferencia enmarcada dentro de la segunda jornada de ponencias plenarias del congreso Nacional de la SEAP.

Arie Perry

My clinical interests focus most heavily on surgical neuropathology, especially in terms of its application towards neuro-oncology. As a diagnostic neuropathologist with a focus on CNS tumors, I am primarily involved in translational research with the primary goal of developing new diagnostic and prognostic markers, which can be utilized in the clinical management of brain tumor patients.

In order to achieve this goal, my lab has applied immunohistochemical, molecular cytogenetic, and genomic screening techniques primarily towards the study of gliomas, meningiomas, and primitive pediatric malignancies. I have been particularly interested in improved classification and grading schemes as well as the identification of molecular genetic markers associated with tumorigenesis, malignant progression, and/or biologic behavior.

I collaborate with a number of clinical and scientific researchers both within and outside UCSFand it is our hope that the markers we identify will improve patient management and lead to the development of novel therapeutic approaches. I also maintain a private consultation service for difficult surgical neuropathology cases obtained from the U.S. and abroad, particularly brain tumors.

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